Interview for Radio Dolomiti during the Caffè Scientifico at Trento Film Festival

6 May 2021

Raffaele Giaffreda was interviewed to talk about SAPIENCE and sustainable agriculture during the Caffè Scientifico organised by Radio Dolomiti as part of the Trento Film Festival 2021. Details can be found here

The prospects for a more sustainable agriculture in Trentino

April 2021

Latest article (in Italian from CIA Agricoltura) published on the SAPIENCE results obtained using blockchains and IoT for incentivising sustainable practices in agriculture.

SAPIENCE project mentioned in Italian newspaper Il Sole 24 Ore

11 March 2021

The article (in Italian) is the result of an interview that Raffaele Giaffreda, PI of SAPIENCE project gave to Alessia Maccaferri, the journalist working for the Technology section Nova of the financial newspaper. The article featured in a section dedicated to circular economy innovative solutions.

Vanity Fair and the "unexpected fruits" of dry lands

24 January 2021

The article (in Italian) is dedicated to sustainable agriculture in the Italian regions most affected by water scarcity. The SAPIENCE project is also mentioned for its ambitious objectives of incentivising virtuous behaviours with innovative tools such as blockchains

Remarkable scientific achievement with accepted article on Elsevier Journal on Computer and Electronics in Agriculture

December 2020

A scientific paper for which SAPIENCE provided field validation results was accepted to an important journal Computers and Electronics in Agriculture. The article is entitled “Cost-effective IoT devices as trustworthy data sources for a blockchain-based water management system in precision agriculture” and is available from this link to the Elsevier journal.

SAPIENCE gets onto the European stage

11 December 2020

Thanks to the appealing objectives of the proposed SAPIENCE model, its Principal Investigator Raffaele Giaffreda was invited to present the project and its results during the Water Knowledge Europe Brokerage event during the session held on the 11th of December 2020 and dedicated to EU projects active in the Water Management domain.

Invited talk during an event organised by Image Line and Romagna Faentina

11 November 2020

SAPIENCE project was presented as part of an Online Webinar during which LoRaWAN provider Lepida introduced all different applications enabled by its network connectivity in the Emilia Romagna region. Recording of the presentation can be found here.

Streaming live on the TiramiScience platform

6 October 2020

Highlights of SAPIENCE project results were presented in a dissemination to general public event organised as a session on the platform TiramiScience. Recording of the webinar can be found here.

Article published by Digital360 talks about the SAPIENCE Model

17 June 2020

New article (in Italian) dedicated to the "SAPIENCE model" promoting virtuous behaviours in agriculture through the joint use of IoT and Blockchains.

SAPIENCE becomes member of EU ICT4Water Cluster

11 June 2020

SAPIENCE application to become member of the ICT4Water EU Cluster has been accepted. The project now is officially a member of the cluster, a hub for EU-funded research and innovation projects developing digital innovations for the water sector. ICT4Water brings projects together supporting them to exchange information and best practices, disseminate and exploit project outputs, contribute to defining digital water strategies and contribute to policy development in digital and water domain.

SAPIENCE will contribute to the Smart Water (SW) Activities of the ICT4Water Action Plan of the ICT4Water cluster. In particular its expected results have the potential to contribute for 2020 on two main fronts, one related to its innovative IoT-based solution and decision support systems fostering water savings, the other more in tune with its incentive-based system, the base for a new model designed to monetise virtuous behaviours and reward growers that make use of sustainable agricultural practices.

News coverage for SAPIENCE key technological features

10 June 2020

Good news for the project activities dissemination. After a delayed start due to Covid-19 lockdown, SAPIENCE first installations have been completed also thanks to TESSA Agritech srl and its #MoreKnowledgePerHectare solutions for the project. This experimentation is taking place in the Val d'Adige vineyards near Trento, with the support of Cantina Sociale Roverè della Luna and in horticultural production fields near Bologna under the agronomic supervision of Agribologna. You can see some of the press coverage (in Italian) at the following links:

FBK News:

Italia Fruit:

La Repubblica:


SAPIENCE project formal kickoff

1 January 2020

The 1st of January 2020 formally marks the start of the SAPIENCE project, which will end on December 31, 2020. Initial site inspections took place to decide on the experimentation layouts and plan hardware procurement and deployment. These meetings were also used to collect requirements directly from the key stakeholders involved in the project.

SAPIENCE related paper presented at MetroAgriFor 2019 conference in Portici (Naples)

24 October 2019