Fondazione Bruno Kessler is the coordinator of SAPIENCE Pathfinder.

Top Research Institute in Italy, ranked at the 1st place for scientific excellence within 3 different subject areas (ICT, History and Sociology) and for the economic and social impact according to the quality of research ANVUR evaluation for the period 2010-2014, FBK is a research non-profit public interest entity.

Being the result of a history that is more than half a century old, through 2 scientific hubs, 7 research centres, 410 researchers, 2 specialised libraries, 7 laboratories, FBK aims to results of excellence in science and technology with particular emphasis on interdisciplinary approaches and to the applicative dimension.


Four other organisations participate to SAPIENCE, without being funded by EIT Climate KIC but investing their own time and resources in the project innovation. As mentioned these third parties will help to validate the project solutions in different Italian regions and over a variety of cultures.

In Trentino there is a small ecosystem including a vineyard farm, a winery and an irrigation water company. The use-case implemented in Roveré della Luna will aim at reducing irrigation water for the vineyards.

In Emilia Romagna a number of farms being part of Agribologna will offer their contribution to support other use-cases in the horticultural domain.