As mentioned in the Challenges section, like in many sectors where environmental sustainability is a target, we face a situation where desiderata are often met by the reality of costs associated with taking those actions. SAPIENCE aims with IoT devices and solutions to gather evidence that helps the involved stakeholders not only to see what advantages they could gain in the future but also to achieve immediate rewards from their behaviours. For this last part it will leverage on a blockchain based system, which, connected with IoT sensors and actuators, will trigger the periodic execution of smart contracts meant to distribute the rewards to most virtuous farmers.


This is what makes the proposed SAPIENCE model suitable also outside the irrigation context which will give the focus to the project execution. The model is to be applied any time there is a small multi-actor system in which potential savings (and consequently incentives) might be created from virtuous behaviour one wants to foster. The model foresees the reinvestment of part of the benefits obtained to fuel further actions of support of behavioural change.

the technologies

SAPIENCE leverages on the executing team's wide expertise, competences and assets in the domains of the Internet of Things, LPWAN networks, IoT platforms and Artificial Intelligence as well as on the ability to exploit blockchains to incentivise sharing economy applications.

experimentation sites

To assess and validate its solutions SAPIENCE will be executing a number of pilots and testing technologies on various cultures in different regions of Italy (grapes for wine in Trentino, horticultural products in Emilia Romagna).